Services a Virtual Assistant can provide to you to help grow your business

As a business owner you can get bogged down in the every day workings of your business and as it grows those tedious things wear on you and your business from growing. Below I have compiled just a short list of the possible tasks a Virtual Assistant could provide to you. This list is in no way exclusive and there are quite a few very specialized tasks that a Virtual Assistant could provide. The more specialized the Assistant is the more they can charge, but when someone can provide specific experience to your business to help you grow the more it is worth to you in the long run, and chances are that you’re not considering a Virtual Assistant if you’re not looking to grow.

If you are someone who is considering becoming a Virtual Assistant as a side hustle or even to transition out of your regular 9-5 in hopes of escaping the rat race, these are some great services to offer to get into the VA market. These are some great basic skills that you can package and build onto while creating more specialized skills to become more exclusive and to build a reputation or client base.

1. Administrative and Organization

  • Calendar organization and scheduling
  • Travel research and bookings
  • General research
  • Data Organization (Google drive, drop box)
  • Data entry
  • Letter or email drafting
  • Sending “Thank You” notes, or client gifts (with pre-arranged budget)
  1. Email Management
    • Inbox clean up
    • Folder organization
    • Unsubscribe from consumer newsletters
    • Reply to customer inquiries and customer service
    • Follow up on emails sent
  1. Content Creation Support 
    • Proofreading
    • Editing
    • Audio transcription and captioning 
  1. Graphic Design
    • Logos
    • Social media and blog graphics
    • Book covers (ebooks, pdf covers, even covers for print copies)
  1. Social Media Management
    • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, tiktok, YouTube
    • Posting and scheduling content
    • Group moderation
    • Managing and replying to dms

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